Index to Stories about the Heritage Valley 

1946 - What About Postwar Fillmore?

Artists' Barn

Bridging the Gap

Church Beginnings - The Methodists

Clara Smith's Sespe School, 1886- 1887

Coming of the Railroad

The Doctor’s Youngest Daughter, A Memoir

Early Apricot Cultivation

Early Law in Fillmore

Elkins' Olive Oil Factory

The Fillmore Cannon

Fillmore Churches

Fillmore Stables

Fillmore's First Bank

Fillmore's First Schools

Fillmore's Monorail

Fillmore under Quarantine – 1918

From Barnes to Towne, the Story of Fillmore's Theater

George Henley and Sespe Brownstone

A Glimpse into the Life of Harriet E. Weaver

The Great Outdoors, Fillmore Style

Hardison Sanitary Dairy

The History of the Bardsdale School

The History of the Fillmore Post Office, by Ellen Finley, 1988

Dr. Ira Hinckley

Dr. John Powell Hinckley

Lawrence Hinckley

Hattie King's History of Bardsdale

History of Stephens' Store

Honey of a Job

How Did They Get Here?

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Joe Dye and Sespe Oil

Joel K L Schwartz

Mathew Atmore, How He Got Here

Morey Family Story

Myrtle Catherine Tallman

Olive Oil Manufacture per Charlie Brown

Painter James

Piru, An Incomplete Early History

Rancho Sespe, 155 years (Video)

Remembering Fillmore's Past: Dewey's Garden Center

The Road Well Traveled

Ruth French, by Susan M. J. French

St. Francis Dam Disaster

Sespe Land and Water Company

Stone Family of Sespe

Ted Fairbanks' History of Bardsdale

That's Entertainment

Those Magnificent Men (and Women) In Their Flying Machines

Trinity Episcopal’s Journey to Fillmore

What's in a Name?


What Piru Has.... 1930

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