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Index to Stories about the Heritage Valley 

4th of July in Fillmore

1914 Fillmore is Incorporated

1946 Fillmore Frontier Festival

1946 - What About Postwar Fillmore?

1949 Fillmore Snow

A. L. Lamberg, A Horologist in Our Midst

The Aguirre Family of the Santa Clara Valley by Mark Aguirre

Arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad in the Santa Clara River Valley

Artists' Barn

Bardsdale – Promise and Change in the Santa Clara River Valley

Bridging the Gap

Business Begins on Central Avenue

Candalaria, Last Chumash Basket Maker

The Cardona Family Story

Church Beginnings - The Methodists

Clara Smith's Sespe School, 1886- 1887

Clarence Arrasmith - City Manager

Coming of the Railroad

Crate Labels

Crime and Punishment, Part One - from "Old Timers' Tales" by Edith Moore Jarrett

Crime and Punishment, Part Two - From "Old Timers' Tales" by Edith Moore Jarrett

The Dam with the Feet of Clay, By William F. French

Did You Know?

The Doctor’s Youngest Daughter, A Memoir

Don Carlos Antonio de Jesus Carrillo and Rancho Sespe

Early Apricot Cultivation

Early Law in Fillmore

Early Life in Fillmore as Recalled by One of its Earliest Residents

Elkins' Olive Oil Factory

Fergus "Ted" Fairbanks

Fillmore Anecdotes - Excerpted from “An Anecdotal History of Fillmore, California” by Ken Fine

Fillmore Anecdotes - Excerpted from "An Anecdotal History of Fillmore, California" by Ken Fine, Part 2

Fillmore's Blacksmiths

The Fillmore Cannon

Fillmore Churches

Fillmore Citrus Association Bass Drum on Display in the Smithsonian Museum

Fillmore Citrus Packinghouses

The Fillmore "F"

Fillmore Festival

       Video Only

The Fillmore Flower Show

Fillmore Stables

Fillmore Unified High School

Fillmore's First Bank

Fillmore's First Schools

Fillmore's Library

Fillmore's Monorail

Fillmore under Quarantine – 1918

Fire, Fire, All Around, 1970

Frank Erskine

From Barnes to Towne, the Story of Fillmore's Theater

A Glimpse into the Life of Harriet E. Weaver

The Great Outdoors, Fillmore Style

Hardison Sanitary Dairy

Hattie King, Activist

Hattie King's History of Bardsdale

Heck Smith, a Local Hero (a Memorial Day Tribute)

Dr. Ira Hinckley

Dr. John Powell Hinckley

Lawrence Hinckley

Historic Fillmore Locations You May Not have Noticed

The History of the Bardsdale School

The History of the Fillmore Post Office, by Ellen Finley, 1988

History of Stephens' Store

A Home and a Reminder, The Story of the Inadomis

Honey of a Job

Hoppers of Hopper Canyon

Horseless Carriages Come to Ventura County

The Houses that Jack Built

How Did They Get Here?

Hugh Warring of Buckhorn

The Hydrosulphosol Story 

In Search of Stone - George Henley

Interesting Things in the Collection

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Jack Casner, Lawman, Cattleman

Joe Dye and Sespe Oil

Joel K L Schwartz

John Galvin, City Attorney

Let's Go Shopping!

Looking Back at 1971

March 2022, Looking Back 50 and 100 Years

The Masonic Building, Gone But Not Forgotten

Mathew Atmore, How He Got Here

The Mobile Homes of Fillmore

The Monorail Comes to Fillmore - Almost

The Morey Family

A Museum Begins

Myrtle Catherine Tallman

Mystery of the Motorcycle Race

No Girls Allowed!!

Obituaries Can Be Fun

Olive Oil Manufacture per Charlie Brown

On Location

Owen Miller: Trees and Chickens

The Packing House Bunion Derby

Painter James

         Unidentified WWII Fillmore Veterans

Parker Hubert, DDS

Penny Postcards

Pepper Tree Days in Fillmore

Piru, An Incomplete Early History

Piru Canyon & Lake Piru Today

Rancho Sespe, 155 years (Video)

Rancho Sespe Bunkhouses

Remembering Fillmore's Past: Dewey's Garden Center

The Road Well Traveled

Ruth French, by Susan M. J. French

St. Francis Dam Disaster

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Shave and a Haircut

Sespe Land and Water Company

Sespe, the Town That Wasn't

Sounds of the Museum

The Story of a Pioneer Family - Stone Family

The Story of a Storekeeper - C. W. Harthorn

Ted Fairbanks' History of Bardsdale

That's Entertainment

Those Magnificent Men (and Women) In Their Flying Machines


Toolie Palmer's Bark Art

Trinity Episcopal’s Journey to Fillmore

Veterans' Return Changes Theater's Policy

What They Ate

What's in a Name?

What's Your Favorite Fillmore Christmas Memory?

What Piru Has.... 1930

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