2020 Year End Report

What happened to all our plans for 2020?  With the advent of the Covid 19 Corona Virus everything was put on hold. We at the museum had plans to host a county wide meeting in the spring which was postponed until fall and then postponed again.  It looks like we may have it in the fall of 2021 if a vaccine is distributed and restrictions are lifted.  We hope the Brownie Scout t will have visitors by summer. 

However, as many of you know, much of the work of the volunteers has been continuing.  We have had two interns for brief periods who worked in the files, numbering and putting basic content information in a searchable spreadsheet. We have also had a college student who, along with board member, Carmen Zermeño, have been adding Spanish language translations to our displays.

The closure has also allowed us to catch up on many other museum projects.  Sue Zeider has worked in the collections office going through boxes of artifacts and papers that have not seen the light of day in literally decades.   She has discovered a number of very interesting artifacts which are being added to displays.   Note the music that was found just recently.  The piece was written by Dr. Jim Bliss in 1953 and sung by Dwight Goodenough and Bill Knight with accompaniment by Tex Ritter at the Fillmore Festival in 1954.  Ritter even autographed the sheet music. 

Sue also found two other songs written about Fillmore.  They were recorded by Joy Asenas and can now be heard as the soundtrack to the video about our early pioneers. 

She is also developing a music display highlighting the variety of music reproduction instruments we have collected since the museum began.  KC Staples, our “go to guy” for repairing antique recording equipment has been a great help.

We have a new webpage—fillmorehistoricalmuseum.org.  I hope you will check it out.  Each week there is a story about our local history in the Fillmore Gazette and these stories then appear on the website.  We also have a very active presence on Facebook.  One of the benefits of Facebook is the ability to participate in their fundraising events.  To date we have received over $3,000.00 in donations from those fundraising opportunities.  

As mentioned earlier, Nancy Bowlin is working on a pioneer room display.  This will be located in the room that for many years was the Masonic room.  She is identifying the pioneer families, locating photos and artifacts and designing the display.

Annette Ross is organizing the library.  We keep finding books stashed in a variety of locations which are now being catalogued and put in their proper place.  The books now have Dewey decimal numbers as well as accession numbers.

Fireworks — 2020 was a really good fireworks year.  The volunteers were consistent with the protocols involved in Covid safety.  Everyone stayed safe!  And we sold out by the end of the day on the 3rd and for the first time in decades we were able to celebrate the 4th of July at home. 

For those who have been asking how long we would keep selling fireworks, the Board of Directors has voted to eliminate our participation in fireworks sales. 

However, with the ending of fireworks sales we will now be dependent on more fundraisers.  We thank all of our followers on Facebook, Amazon and the website who have made donations to the museum through those venues.   Our small store also has a variety of books of local interest for sale both in the museum and on the website.  Just go to the website, give us a call or email if you would like to make a purchase.

When we are finally able to open to the public you will be the first to know.  We are planning a grand reopening day with members invited to come and view all the changes.  As always admission is free to members.

We sincerely thank you all for your help and support throughout the years! 

The museum is a 401(C)(3) organization, and your donations are tax deductible.


Martha Gentry, President

Jack Stethem, Vice President

Nancy Bowlin, Treasurer

Beverly Hurst, Secretary


Tom Hardison

Doug Legan

Joanna Michel

Pat Morris

Robert Morris

Linda Robertson

Carmen Zermeño

Who Are We?

The Fillmore Historical Museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  It is overseen by an 11 person board of directors.  Its president and executive director handles the day to day operations of the Museum. 


We have no paid staff but with the help of our docents and volunteers we are open 5 days a week to the general public.

It is available for tours of school and other groups by appointment.

Right:  Fillmore, 1939

History of the Fillmore Historical Museum

Founder, Edith Moore Jarrett

A Fillmore native, Edith Moore Jarrett attended USC and returned to her home town to teach Spanish.  With Beryl J. M. McManus, she wrote the two volume Spanish language text book, El Camino Real.

(805) 524-0948

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