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Dr. John Powell Hinckley
Dr. J P Hinckly.JPG

Dr, John Powell Hinckley, his wife Cora, and their children, Ira, Eugenia, Mary and were the first to arrive.  The family was originally from Vermont.  In the 1870 census, John White Hinckley, John Powell’s father was listed as a blacksmith, later censuses listed him as a farmer.  By 1876, John Powell Hinckley was in medical school at the University of Vermont.  It’s not clear now what made him move west by 1880. Dr. Hinckley and family were now in Tulare, South Dakota, where he had set up a practice.  Apparently the Great Plains didn’t hold him because by 1890 he was in Ventura County and in 1893 daughter, Vinnie, was born.

Cora Loomis Hinckley c 1870

Cora Hinckley c 1870.JPG

According to his obituary which was written by Dr. D. W. Mott of Santa Paula, Dr. Hinckley in 1890 was one of 10 licensed physicians in the county and was a charter member of the Ventura County Medical society.  Dr. Mott and other physicians in the county often consulted with Dr. Hinckley because of his excellent training, clinical expertise and dedication to the profession.


John Hinckley was not important to our community just because he was our first physician.  He was also one of the founding members of the Fillmore Masonic Temple and an early Worshipful Master.  He was on the first board of directors of the Fillmore Citrus Association and a trustee of the Fillmore Grammar School.

John and Cora Hinckley at their home on Ventura Street

John and Cora.JPG

Cora passed away in 1907. John married his second wife, Fanny Barnes in 1908.  The family eventually built a beautiful two-story home at A St. and Ventura St. (Hwy 126).  This home still stands but was moved and now is located on the east side of Central Avenue near Foothill Drive.

Second Hinckley Home now on Central Avenue


Of Cora and John's children, Ira, the eldest went to Berkeley School of Dentistry and after a few years practicing in Ventura, he to set up his shingle in Fillmore ... more about that later.


The eldest daughter, Eugenia, married James Sallee in 1910 and they had one son, John. Eugenia died in 1915.


Their second daughter, Mary "May", never married.  The 1940 census lists her occupation as citrus grader.  She passed away in 1962.

Mary Hinckley c 1930

Mary Hinckley.JPG

Vinnie the third daughter, was born in 1893, making her only 7 years older than her nephew, Lawrence Hinckley.  By all accounts she was a popular young lady, but was taken from the family in the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Vinnie Hinckley, c 1916


Dr. John Hinckley practiced medicine until his death in 1933 serving the community in many ways.

Dr. John Hinckley with wife Fannie Barnes Hinckley in their first car

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