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March 2022 - 50 and 100 Years Ago

Central Avenue 2022

This article was compiled by Rachel Fernandez who attends California State University Channel Islands and is interning at the Fillmore Historical Museum.

Although times have changed, some things never change and history does tend to repeat itself. We see below what was happening in the city of Fillmore 50 and 100 years ago in March of 1922 and March of 1972 and can then make our own comparisons to the world and city of Fillmore today in March of 2022.


Central Avenue 1972

50 Years Ago - March 1972

On March 9, 1972, it was reported that tropical weather and lack of rain was hurting farmers. The temperature was a record-breaking 90 degrees. Fruit was also growing smaller than usual due to the lack of rain. This particular month of March was known as the seventh driest March in a span of 67 years.

March 12, 1972 marked the beginning of Girl Scout Week. This week paid homage to the first troops which started in Savannah, Georgia in 1912. The Girl Scouts had very fun activities planned during the week which included Girl Scout Sunday, Homemaking Day, Citizenship Day, Health and Safety Day, International Friendship Day, Day for Arts, as well as Out of Doors Day. Some of the girls listed were Kenny McKeown, Lori Elkins, Shanna McKeown, and Donna Viscioni.

Fillmore Herald March 16 1972 Girl Scout Week

It was published in the paper on March 16th, 1972 that Jeanine Richie Boon and Vernal Williams were the first couple to get married in the Church of Religious Science. The church was newly built at the time, founded by Reverend Mildred Hinckley and designed by Elmer Devore. The church was located on River Street. The congregation no longer exists today since its closure in the early 2000’s, but the building is now a preschool and child care center.

Central Avenue1922

100 Years Ago - March 1922

On March 3, 1922 there was a search for the unknown killer of Adolfo Escota. However, a suspect was named which was Luiz Cabral, who was never charged. Escota was said to have owed Cabral a sum of money. On March 10, 1922 there was another killing reported in which the victim was named Charles Atencio. The killer at the time had escaped but on April 7, 1922, he was identified and sentenced. His name was Augustine Cabral, whom we could find no relation to Luiz Cabral. However, he only pleaded guilty to one of the murders, that of Atencio. His attorney was named James Holingsworth.

100 years ago, there was an ongoing pandemic: the “Spanish” Influenza. By March of 1922 the influenza was nearing its end. Originally beginning in 1918, the cases reported in 1922 were mostly mild cases and far less than in 1918. At the time there were only a thousand cases reported in all of California. The influenza finally came to an end later in the year of 1922. One of the more known names in Fillmore who succumbed to the influenza was Vinnie Hinckley, daughter of Dr. J.P. Hinckley. She was only fifteen.

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