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By local author, Carina Monica Montoya with introduction by Fillmore Historical Museum Executive Director, Martha Gentry.


Fillmore is nestled at the foot of the Topatopa Mountains at the confluence of the Santa Clara River and Sespe Creek. The town was formed in 1887 and named after Jerome A. Fillmore, who was the general superintendent for the Southern Pacific Railroad at the time. The rail line enabled passenger travel and the transport of commercial agricultural products, and it put Fillmore on the map. Incorporated in 1914, Fillmore is one of the oldest incorporated towns in Ventura County and is designated as part of the county's agricultural greenbelt. Fillmore's history is based on it being located on some of the most productive agricultural and oil-rich lands in the country. Today, it is still a predominately agricultural town that supplies citrus, avocados, and a variety of vegetable crops around the country and abroad. It is a hidden small-town gem in Southern California, and its downtown architecture epitomizes small-town charm, making it a popular tourist destination and site for film and television productions.

Images of America: Fillmore

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